About The Director

Mrs. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi, Director (AISECT Group)

An outstanding team-motivator, Mrs. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi, Director (AISECT Group) belongs to that clan of educationists whose influence goes far beyond the boundaries of her institutions. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from MSRIT, Bangalore and an MBA in Marketing and Operations from the prestigious S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. Committing herself fully to education and changing lives, she has brought about a complete transformation in the educational environment of this region. Brainy Bear Chain of Pre-School& Activity Club under her guidance is committed to bring a change in the Early Childhood Education.

Fostering a spirit of International awareness and understanding ,she strongly believes that imparting education should not just end-up in offering academic degree, but more importantly unleash the human potential within every child,right from the beginning. She has been actively committed to drive innovative education in India. Relentlessly building a brand of education that stands for quality and excellence, both in India and abroad, her foray into innovative education ,she has made an indelible mark in Indian education by introducing global standards to all of her educational ventures. Guided by the philosophy that new and innovative thinking in the areas of teaching, learning, research and training are pivotal to education.

She stands at the frontier of education in India. With a relentless quest for excellence, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a penchant for the best and a passion for innovation reflected in all her ventures, she is truly a trend-setter in Indian education.