Our Pedagogy

To ensure and enhance the all round development of the children at Brainy Bear, we follow the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Dr. Howard Gardner. At Brainy Bear , we not only educate the child imparting the knowledge of different concepts but also emphasize on inculcating life skills like confidence, leadership, taking initiative, courage etc.

Harvard professor Howard Gardner has identified eight different types of intelligences that each individual has the capacity to possess. The idea of multiple intelligences is important because it allows educators to identify different strengths and weaknesses in students and also contradicts the idea that intelligence can be measured through IQ.

Our Curriculum, which is activity based and completely based on different themes and activities is an easy transition to IB,CBSE and ICSE Boards. A well structured curriculum makes each day planned so as to reflect a balance of individual and group activities, outdoor and indoor activities, active and quiet activities, free and structured / guided activities and activities to foster all aspects of development as Our aim is to blossom a child’s personality by making the most of the formative years in an ideal learning environment.