Play School Bhopal

Brainy Bear Pre School  & Activity Club
E-8/131, Basant Kunj, Arera Colony, 
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462016.

With endeavour to instil originality, uniqueness and individuality among children, we, one of the premiere nursery schools in Bhopal, employ research-backed learning methodology that sets the foundation for further schooling.

Our methods include the early year’s approach, which assist children realise self-worth and learn social as well as academic skills. Parting from the conventional teaching strategies, the new learning system, which includes the elements of play-based learning activities, is aided by information technology, which lets child to learn at individual rate.

With learning aligned with the contemporary world, our play School in Bhopal is scripting a new narrative of success, by bringing the education on par with the Scandinavian education system, which is considered the best in the world.

Our proven ways instil prerequisites for a development of well-groomed, self-assured and courteous children. Also, children playfully learn the critical academic skills like rich vocabulary and basic mathematical proficiency.

We are accepting applications for nursery school admission in Bhopal for the current academic year; get your child enrolled, and give the gift of play-based education, which will help to carve a personality, incorporate confidence, and acts as groundwork for further studies.

Get on-board with us, and see your child fly high!